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Good advice. I talked to my coach, Gary Valentine, today at length and his view is we need to work on some basic roadblocks -- some related to techniques and some related to strength. So I guess what I saw as complexity is actually just focusing on what hinders me, whether it's strength or technique.

The prescription is

front squats - as heavy as possible while still maintaining full depth -- weakness here limits my ability to squat under the bar

overhead squats - light weights just to get flexibility, any progress here will help with snatches

hang cleans & jerks - pulls are good and strong (120kg+ pulls vs. 70kg squat cleans), need to work on getting under the bar, jerks are good on technique but missing in strength so some rack jerks as well

So the modified template is, when I'm not in a gym where I can drop the weights:

Workout A:
Back squat 3 warmup, 3 work
Jerks: 2 warmup, 3 work
Hang clean: triples for as much time as I have

Workout B:
Front squat: 3 warmup, 3 work
OHS: 3-5 sets of 5 at light weight
Pull: 2-3 warmup, 3 work
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