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I love it when threads span internet-ages.

My raw total would be around 1200 if I had to guess. 1500 is much more like a lifetime goal.

This thread prompted me to get assistance from an experienced SM guy, and he's been doing my programming for around 9 months. From my last contest, it apparently paid off. Got 2nd out of a decently competitive field. I'm a poor presser, but I tied 2nd in the 200's on the press event, and even outdid a few 231s.

My training for the press has been frequent and volume oriented. I'd frequently hit a big overhead lift (once or twice a week) up to a heavy set, followed by several sets at 80-90% of that daily max, followed by assistance (bench, floor press, incline DB, etc...)

Pulling was infrequent, but usually reverse band, switching between pulling from a deficit and the floor. Usually worked up to a heavy single, or several singles at a heavy weight. A couple times a month here. Did a few heavy farmers deadlifts also.

Squatting was primarily off a box, with chains. The accommodating resistance was waved some over time.

A few oly complexes, and of course, event work. Medleys, and more keg relays than I care to remember.
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