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Nicolas Warren
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Mon 26 Jul '10

BS: 25kgx5x3
Press: 65kgx5x1, failed on fifth rep of next set. End of LP.
Power Cleans: 60kgx5, 70x3, 75x2, 80x2, 85x1, 90x1, 95 fail, 90x1 (last rep was a little tricky, haven't cleaned in a while)
Incline Sit-ups: 15,15
PUs: 5,5

Lower back sore after presses.

Wed 28 Jul '10

Lower back still a little sore.

Swimming: 500m (untimed)
Breast stroke 200m
Freestyle 200m
Kicking 100m

(tapering down to taking next week off. Not going for DLs on Friday. May do some technique stuff depending on how I feel)
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