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yeah that's kinda what it's become now. people normally say brabo only when the lapel is involved. i refer to them this way too because:

#1 people will quickly know what you're talking about (and that's really the goal, just so people know what move you're talkin about regardless of what name it has)

#2 i think darce sounds cooler than brabo

the main time i'll say brabo nogi (or gi if there is no lapel used) is if i'm talkin to an oldschool blackbelt. one guy actually got annoyed when any of us said darce instead of brabo.

i know one guy who always refers to the northsouth guillotine as the "dragon sleeper." one day i asked why he called it that, and everybody thought i was weird. apparently i was the only person who didn't watch WWF and stuff religiously as a kid.
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