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Christine Petty
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Muscle Snatch
10kg x 10
10kg x 10

Stretchy Band OHS
2 sets of 5

Pause Snatch
35kg x 2 x 2
40kg x 2 x 2
45kg x 1, 1(f)

Snatch Grip RDL
55kg x 5
62kg x 5
62kg x 5
62kg x 5
62kg x 5

Jerk Balance
35kg x 4
35kg x 4
35kg x 4

Played around with the 135lb stone and got it up on the platform twice. 240lb stone was a no go without tacky, but I have some stone kisses to show for it.

I always leave my session ready to cry and kick things, yet I get up and go to the gym again in the morning. Olympic lifting is maddening.
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