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Christine Petty
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70# x 3
80# x 3
105# x 3
105# x 3
115# x 3
115# x 3

Front Squat
85# x 3
105# x 3
105# x 3
115# x 3
125# x 3

Clean Grip DL
135# x 3
185# x 3
235# x 2
265# x 2
285# x 2

My knees are killing me. (Note to self, 4 years as an offensive lineman is equal to 8 years in any other position).
I need to buy my own bar, the one at my gym sucks. In addition to be a men's size grip (but 35lbs), the collars squeak every time I do a clean or a snatch.
I'm feeling the meets today. Not muscle sore, but kind of CNS fried. The last set of deadlifts was an exercise in mental fortitude. I had to stare it down for a minute before I went after it.

Also, I'm trying to keep the bar closer to me as per my instructions, but this is a big boatload of fail. The first couple sets of cleans I smacked myself in the stomach with it, which is closer... but no bueno.
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