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Where do you get your values from? I've seen everything from a similar range that you suggest, being closer to .6-1 gram per pound, all the way up to .8 as a minimum up to 1.5 grams/lb (closing in on 3.5 g/kg/day).

The two better sources I've seen are Lyle and Martin. Lyle researched an entire book on the subject of protein intake, and Martin is pretty meticulous with his research and writing on his site, and I'd assume on the book that's coming out someday.

To address the OP though, excess protein intake, regardless of health, tends to show diminishing returns. Through anecdotal evidence only, it seems that most do well around 1 gram/lb, occasionally a touch more.

You will only put on mass/weight through eating more and lifting progressively heavier weights.
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