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Originally Posted by Derek Simonds View Post
Just in the for what its worth category, I hate 50/50 as played in tournaments to stall.

Just in the short time you have been logging your workouts here Leon I have had to ask for clarification on some names. BJJ is evolving fast that's for sure.
it's a funny position, but what's weird is when people actually go there to play it, not planning on stalling. the 50/50 in gi tournaments has always seemed weird seeing as how you're not allowed to heel hook in the first place. granted there are a lot of other submissions to grab off of it, but it's like getting in an armbar position if the armbar was made illegal.

this is one of the stupidest matches i have ever seen. cobrinha vs. mendes

with that said, i have a lot of fun in the 50/50 nogi when heel hooks are available, but at my new club we're not allowed to heel hook at all, so i just don't bother.
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