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OMFG! A reply! Thanks Derek.

I appreciated the first article because you have a writer who has actually read and understood the original papers. He challenges a number of concepts that are pushed by regular T-Muscle contributors. Then a week later Waterbury comes on, cites Tremblay, doesn't exactly cite Tabata but implies its usefulness for fat loss.

Fantastic contradiction. I'm genuinely surprised the first article was published but
I can imagine which article has been read the most.

It's interesting from the perspective of what people like Lyle have been saying and then as Waterbury dives into his I train MMA but you can do this and look great schtick it's interesting from the perspective of the 8 Weeks Out discussions on these boards. Who do you reckon knows their science better?

The rationale for reduced gin intake and the knowledge of the perils of alcoholism and attendant metabolic derangement has almost entirely come from physicians and researchers.
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