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I've enjoyed that book as well, James, it's a good resource and interesting read.

The sport style of lifting is relatively uncommon among strength athletes who are not exposed to it, according to Alexsandr Khasin, whom recently put together a big sport camp for kettlebell lifting with the world's best coaches for kettlebell sport in St. Petersburg.

So, it's like you have here, with bastardized versions of olympic lifts and powerlifts done by athletes.

The argument that "athletes don't do GS" is pretty much a non-issue. GS is a sport in and of itself, and training that way isn't necessarily appropriate for any given athlete.

Kettlebells are like any tool in your S&C toolbox, they can be used in different ways, some of them taking advantage of the unique conformation and ability to do high repetition strength-endurance work, and some using them simply as resistance.
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