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I like to stick my foot through the kettlebell loop/handle and use it to train my shin muscles. I first learned it from a pro Strongman, but I hear it's used for that purpose in Russia as well.

Anyways, this could be a side discussion, but has anyone watched any of the Ip Man movies? I've been becoming a big fan of Donnie Yen. He even uses submissions in his action scenes.

I've done some training in JKD, Kalis Ilustrisimo, and BJJ, and I enjoy watching fluid, integrated fighting. I still wonder whether there are some martial artists out there who could come in and do very well in the MMA world, but don't have any interest in it or just don't have the S&C for it. Anyone have any opnion on this? Am I just ignorant, having watched too many martial arts movies growing up?
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