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Jason Highbarger
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How are you my friend? I am doing well. It would be good to see you again. Maybe July for the training seminar in SD?

Thanks for the help, Rob! I'm excited to chart my progress and see how it goes. It's certainly getting easier. Today I consumed all my food in a three hour period. I fasted for 21.5 hours the firt time and 19.5 the second time and trained at the 18 hour mark into the fast and felt strong.

Is diet rootbeer ok durring the fasting period? There are no calories in it and co caffeine. I refrain from consuming either glutamine or fishoil capsules durring the fasting period as both contain calories.

Thanks again for the help, Robb.

And thanks again for the CrossFit NorCal Skull Cap!!! I love it!
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