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Originally Posted by Donald Lee View Post
I like to stick my foot through the kettlebell loop/handle and use it to train my shin muscles. I first learned it from a pro Strongman, but I hear it's used for that purpose in Russia as well.
I've read Joel say that.

If you'd just landed from Mars and walked into a Fitness First in London you'd assume KBs were purely a tool for the gunz.

The kbs in the book are of all shapes and sizes. It's a heavy weight that you can lift, throw, use as a doorstep.

What are barbells designed for? O lifting? Benching? Squats? All done with 2 hands. Yet you could walk into a gym tomorrow and see a guy with one end of the bar wedged in a corner doing full contact twists. Or look at some pictures of Sandow, Saxon etc. doing one handed lifts. Confusing isn't it?

It's been mentioned here before but the Dragan 4x4 db curl and press method is really just a modified long cycle done with dbs. People adapt ideas. They adapt equipment.
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