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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post

Interesting that Joel was so opinionated. I think that's fairly telling. Guys like Joel Marion, Lyle, Martin, Alan Aragon etc. are ever growing voices of reason in an otherwise irrational field.

What I think would be interesting would be interviews with Lyle, Martin or Joel. I doubt it would pass the censors and make it on the site though...
Joel is pretty damn outspoken when he wants to be. He has stated that the majority of guys out there talking themselves up as MMA experts have trained absolutely nobody of relevance or note, with the pointed exception of Martin Rooney (I think he also commented on Rooney's experience generally).

I can't imagine guys like Joel and Lyle who have taken a strong position on the T-Muscle-Biotest relationship ever being invited to make a contribution nor wishing to do so (Joel says as much in that thread). I read Yael's interview with TC and it just re-affirmed to me how full of shit the man was. I've got no problem with a Dan John article advising the odd slug of Surge (hell, I'm not even sure if Dan writes that in or it's edited in later) and I like the output of Cressey and Gentilcore but the primary purpose of the that site is to sell supplements. That made the Mark Young article refreshing because he was suggesting that some long boring work might be in order, not HIIT and some magic beans.

What I would like to see is articles or interviews with those guys in PM.
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