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Originally Posted by Jamila Bey View Post
2. Anyone else an over-thinker? How do you shut your mind up? (I can't stay awake during meditation.
You mean those voices that say "You'll never get your max rep again and you'll never get any better either and you suck and should just give up now, and maybe you should just go to Bally's, who are you kidding, anyway, oh and that shirt makes you look fat, too"? I know those voices. I just get some holy water and say, "Get thee behind me, Satan!" Just kidding. But I do find that being forceful is more effective with intrusive thoughts. One of the guys I train with has a shirt that says "Shut up and squat." It is a good one. I also try to say the opposite, even when I don't believe it. (e.g. "Actually, you are so on your way to hitting a PR and you are getting really really strong, and your form is awesome, oh and you look sexy as hell with that barbell, so just keep at it and you'll get there soon.") Repeat as necessary, that usually shuts it up.

I also check to make sure that in general I'm sleeping, eating well, getting enough fat and B vitamins, not indulging in alcohol/sugar/etc. and not hanging out with mean people who suck or say anything close to resembling the above thoughts. Then, I try to give those thoughts an outlet--if they're really bad I'll just write them out first thing in the morning and then stuff the pages in a dated folder or big envelope so I won't reread them for several months. Somehow just writing whatever helps me process it and not obsess over it.

Lastly, as a fellow meditation-hater, I know that the whole theory behind it is to get into a relaxed state which will eventually spill over to other parts of your life... and luckily, there are ways to do this that don't involve sitting in lotus. Anything that will trigger a relaxation response works, I like writing, hanging out in my garden, going on hikes or I'll even just unplug my phone, turn off the computer, light some candles, put on Spanish guitar CDs and try to breathe.

If all else fails, I have a couple people I call who will say things like, "Yeah, that's just your ego again. Get over it. No, really get over it, don't just talk about getting over it." or "Uh, I don't see what the problem is. Let it go." or "Shut up and train."

Good luck!! You'll get clean in no time, I can feel it.
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