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Well I took a look at both the Jarrows and the Flameout. They both sound like really good alternatives for me. The both are reported to be "burpless and odorless" which is my main goal here. They also look to be of much higher concentration than what I'm doing now.

Of course looking at the new ratios on each pill and trying to figure out the daily dosage for me I get a bit wrapped up again. It's amazing how some concepts just throw me for a loop. The 10 caps a day that I am doing now fit in my calcs at the high end, but I'll have to re-figure for the new pills.

Now I just have to decide which one to of the above to try. HOnestly my first impulse is to go with the Jarrows simply because the "flameout" has a "commercial-type" name to me. Not a good reason I know...

Does anyone have direct experience with either flameout or the Jarrows?
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