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Originally Posted by Donald Lee View Post
I've done some training in JKD, Kalis Ilustrisimo, and BJJ, and I enjoy watching fluid, integrated fighting. I still wonder whether there are some martial artists out there who could come in and do very well in the MMA world, but don't have any interest in it or just don't have the S&C for it. Anyone have any opnion on this? Am I just ignorant, having watched too many martial arts movies growing up?
I just feel like real life fighting, whether it be in the street or in an organized match, is so much more of a scramble than people imagine it is. the only time i could think of somebody easily ripping through somebody is if his opponent knows nothing. even in that instance, i think it's still a lot harder to quickly dismantle a guy unless you have a significant size difference.

in terms of mma, i don't think that kinda of fluid, movie-like martial arts is gonna fly. machida is the one guy really using some elements (like keeping his weight on the rear foot), and he doesn't coast through like a movie.

the primary issue i see with it is that in reality, the simplest moves really work the best. for example, you can learn a double leg the first day of any grappling art, and it works from day 1 up to high level fighting. the hard part is perfecting these simple moves. in considering the basics, if you had the best double leg in the world along with the best jab in the world, you'd probably be pretty safe against the majority of the population.
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