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Default Cross Collar Choke

I have been playing with the Cross Collar from guard and mount with some good success. It has always been an integral part of my game as a setup but not as an actual submission. In researching the choke a couple of things have come up. One is that Roger Gracie apparently teaches the choke with the strong hand in the traditional palm up but with the weak hand he uses a thumb in palm down grip. Another thing is the position that Roger uses from the mount to finish the choke. He really wraps his legs and maintains enormous pressure while applying the choke. Someone said that when he does the choke from the mount it isn't a timing sub it is a brutal, exert your will, I am going to dominate you submission. Apparently when he locks the first hand in he drives the elbow down into the sternum and places as much pressure as he can onto the elbow while working to get the other hand in.

All that said several of the guys I train with have weak wrists. Not limp mind you just weak. A properly executed choke depends on being able to pull your pinky towards the ulna while gripping the gi tightly. I have been playing with several different levering motions and I think that the weaver lift and sledge levering have the most direct carryover to the collar choke.

Any thoughts?
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