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Thank you Garrett, you're spot on with your assessment. My cholesterol was screwed up, and I thought that was unusual. My total was 222, triglycerides were 109, HDL was 44, and LDL was 156. I've never had bad cholesterol levels in my life, so I just thought it was a fluke.

My free testosterone was 10.0, but the doc kept repeating the 427 number as his reasoning for wanting me to use testosterone. I can't help being skeptical though, because if I sign on for a lifetime of testosterone injections, that's money in his bank account, so no offense to any doctors, but I kind second guess whether or not his advice is in my best interest. Like I said, I'm 26, so I'm not exactly eager to start down a path of TRT as it would really interfere with my personal goals for my life.

My baseline cortisol level was 24.010 ug/dL which they said was high. However, they were unable to diagnose anything like Cushing's or Addison's. So, maybe that did have some role to play in my recent fractures. I don't know if that level ever came back down.

What's strange to me is everything was going great and I was progressing from September to December, and then everything just seemed so abrupt. With the back to back flus, the fractured tibia, the bloodwork issues with cortisol, and then the fractured metatarsals and ligament tears, I've barely been able to get any sustained training in. Shouldn't the time off from the flus and then the time off from the fractured tibia been enough time for my body to have recovered?

Forgive for whining "why me" but I can't understand how it could be that other guys are still following the programming, and somehow I became overtrained. What is the difference that allowed them to continue training while I'm muddling through problems?

I'm seeing another doc with the Steelers on Monday, but I may contact you for a consult. I'm not particularly pleased with the recommendations and advice I'm getting from these doctors.
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