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Originally Posted by Kevin Perry View Post
Yea if your metabolism is geared for it. Otherwise, the majority of people will find eating 2 lbs awfully difficult. You ever try eating one of those 26 oz steaks to try and get it for free at the local grill?...
I don't get this statement. What does metabolism have to do with it? Additonally, eating 2 lbs. at one sitting to try and get a steak for free is different than over an 8 hour window if you're IF'ing, or a 12-16 hour window if you're not.

Eating 2 lbs of meat in a day, if you can afford it, is not hard. The hardest part is cooking it and taking the food with you if you're busy.

To the OP:
My personal opinion on the whole whey protein thing basically comes down to this.

If you're not getting enough food down, shakes are fine. I'm going to disagree with Gant a little here and note that if someone needs a lot of protein to get things rolling, my opinion is they're likely not getting enough food to begin with.

Carbs and fat are protein sparing, meaning if you're in a surplus and eating enough of both, you shouldn't need a huge hit of protein. You will likely need less than if leaning out. As calories go up, protein needs begin to drop. Calories drop, protein requirements go up. If your BMR works out to 2500 calories/day and you're eating 3500 calories per day, the scale will move and you'll get plenty of protein assuming you actually eat dead animal flesh.

Whey is fine, a casein/whey mix, like I think Donald noted is better in most cases. If it doesn't make you break out, milk is likely the best.
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