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Originally Posted by Troy Kerr View Post
I am interested in improving my max box jump. I am currently at 38inchs. I train upper-body statics 3-4 days a week and add my leg work at the end of the routine. I was wondering what is the best way to go about improving my box jump. I am currently experimenting with using percentages of this number ( 55% x5 for warmups, then a set at 65, 75, and 85). So far its been giving me a pretty decent workout, I alternate box jump days with pistol days, and always finish up with some of coach sommers natural body curls.
A side note, performing the box jumps towards the end of my workout dosent really effect my ability to do them. wfs

There was also some pdf I found awhile back written by an otc weightlifting coach that was tailored to be added to an oly program it was mainly depth jumps in sets of 10. It worked really well, I added about 5 inches to mine in 4 weeks will see if I can find it
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