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Speaking on the comparison of the articles cited in the OP, it has long been my belief that T-nation just changes its opinions in order to promote whatever supplement they're hyping that month. For as many articles and forum threads as they've had bashing Crossfit, I've seen articles touting Crossfit's benefits as well. I seem to remember another article championing the benefits of eating healthy and naturally, and then they ruined the article with half a dozen recommendations for various supplements.

While I am occasionally impressed with the articles there, such as Dan John, and even once in a while Poliquin, I'm often returned to my skeptical self by all the supplement plugs. I am not anti-supplement, but when someone tells me this is the secret to getting HUGE, COLOSSAL, AND RIPPED and then in the same sentence tells me the one and only supplement that you can use is our Anaconda protocol, I can't help but question the necessity of the supplement regime.
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