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Nicolas Warren
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Sat/Sun 14-15 Aug '10

2-day hike. ('The Castle')

Mon 16 Aug '10

(General session)
Press, 2x max reps @40kg: 15,14
BS: 60kgx5x3
Power Snatches: 40kgx1x10, 45x1x3, 50x1x3, 55x1x3, 60x1x3, 65x1, 70x1, 72.5x1, 75 (fail)
Front Plank: 1:00 w/ 10kg, 1:00 w/ 15kg
PUs: 6,6,6

Back felt it a little bit with this session, possibly from hiking with a heavy pack during the weekend. Felt a little bit weak also during the snatches.
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