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Originally Posted by Gant Grimes View Post
What's there to disagree with? I said "a lot of people--myself included." Let's put the white papers down and talk real people. My experience comes from several gaining cycles in my lifetime, including one a year ago where I moved from 195 to 230 in a few months. I'm also including the guys I train with who are already 200+ and need to move up. When you're starting with big, strong guys and try to make them bigger or stronger, adding 10-20g protein per day won't cut it. Adding 50-70 grams a day is more helpful (that's only adding 1/2 - 2/3 pounds of meat).

I still think casein is way overrated. If you're trying to gain and you want to some timed-release crap, drink whey post workout, eat .75 lb. chicken breast 30 minutes after that, and eat a 1/2 pound burger and a couple slices of meat lover's pizza an hour or two after that.
Fair enough, I think in hindsight I was more or less picking on semantics.

I have a tendency to get caught in the nuances of food/nutrition, primarily because I enjoy it.
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