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Originally Posted by Gant Grimes View Post
What's there to disagree with? I said "a lot of people--myself included." Let's put the white papers down and talk real people. My experience comes from several gaining cycles in my lifetime, including one a year ago where I moved from 195 to 230 in a few months. I'm also including the guys I train with who are already 200+ and need to move up. When you're starting with big, strong guys and try to make them bigger or stronger, adding 10-20g protein per day won't cut it. Adding 50-70 grams a day is more helpful (that's only adding 1/2 - 2/3 pounds of meat).

I still think casein is way overrated. If you're trying to gain and you want to some timed-release crap, drink whey post workout, eat .75 lb. chicken breast 30 minutes after that, and eat a 1/2 pound burger and a couple slices of meat lover's pizza an hour or two after that.
I think you're missing the point Derek and I are trying to make here. Sure adding 1/2 - 2/3 lbs of meat to a eucaloric diet will result in weight gain, to deny that would be stupid. However as protein in excess of 1.8-2g/kg/d is oxidized to provide energy all that additional meat is doing really is providing the extra calories required for growth. In other words if your diet already provided sufficent protein you'd get exactly the same results, at least in terms of weight gained, if you met your increased caloric needs with Twinkies or table sugar.
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