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Originally Posted by sean richard View Post
I just got done climbing Mt Washington yesterday and my first year of crossfit type training paid off but there were some weaknesses that I need help with. My feet and upper back were fine but near the end of the 6288 foot climb my legs from the knee up , My lower back and my shoulders were starting to hurt. Today after lots of range of motion stuff before bed my knees hurt plus my lower back and neck are sore. I hope to make mountain climbing a normal part of my weekends next summer and was wondering what exercises will best prep my weak spots to be better next time out
Daughter and I climbed/hiked to the summit of Mt Charleston 2 weeks ago on a Saturday. It was ugly. We had no one to blame except ourselves for the carnage. Elevation change is from 7k start to12k finish elevation roughly, 17 miles round trip. No preparation on our part, it took 13 hours start to finish. Every muscle ached after. I didn't feel normal until the following Weds. We're gonna continue doing hikes/climbs but, of course, better prepared. Like any physical endeavor, a proper training regimen applies. Things to work on would be break-in type climbs simulating what the actual climb might be like, start training with a light load then increase it each time you go out. Anything you could do that would make your heart/lungs scream for air to simulate work at elevation would be fair game. Bear crawls? Fixed gear uphill bike sprints? Running uphill sprints? All for reps. I like Gant's suggestion to study what other more proficient folks are doing also.
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