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I don't think anyone is talking about adding 100 grams of straight fructose. That's awful hard to do without hitting up HFCS. Nobody would say that's a good idea. Honestly, I would say that such an example holds little to no application to the discussion. Even if the hypothetical sugar in this discussion were to be sucrose, you'd still get 50 grams of fructose, and 50 grams of fructose making up the 400 calories. If I'm reading this right that would fill, at most half of the potential space that the liver has for glycogen, assuming a depleted liver:

Sugars in fruits:

Just a quick glance at that table shows that most fruits are ~50% fructose, with glucose making up the remainder. Except for maltose, which I admit I have no knowledge of at all.

Regardless, to answer the question. I'd be shocked if a single occurence, or even intermittent occurrences of such high fructose consumption would cause any serious negative affects on health.

By the way, insomnia sucks and leads to discussions on sugar consumption at odd hours. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
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