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Originally Posted by Allen Yeh View Post
What I was saying is that it seems silly to me that Darryl was advocating the "calorie is a calorie" idea after meeting 1.8/2g/kg of protein. Especially if you are talking about on a daily basis and not just a one shot deal.

So if a 200 lb guy was training hard and met his protein needs with 164 grams of protein. which is 1.8g per kg. I can't possibly see him getting the same results as adding 400 calories from a chicken breast as adding 400 calories of straight up sugar. Especially if we are talking about for months on end. This is assuming the rest of his diet stays the same and the only thing is changing is taking away his extra protein and adding in 400 calories from sugar.
The skinny guys in extra medium lab coats disagree with you, Allen.

Again, no offense to anyone, but sitting at 220, guys my size and bigger aren't going to get it done with 1.8g/kg. I wish it were not so, as it would be much cheaper.
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