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Originally Posted by Steve Shafley View Post
Heard today that in shitty boxes, injury rates are ~70% and in good boxes they are around 30%.

How do those numbers look? There seems to be a big issue with sweeping injury rates under the table.
Well... it's hard to tell how those injury rates look. I've heard stats bandied about concerning the injury rates for recreational runners that are also around 70%. I agree that they're high, especially of the species "stupid injuries you shouldn't get", but it's really hard to get a good baseline. I think we'd all agree, though, that if it's 70% when it could be 30%, there's some malpractice going on. The boot camp example is egregious. But it's hard to tell if 30% is good or bad. I'm pretty much always on the brink of tendinitis in some joint or other, it might flare up to an actual case of it every year or two. That sounds like an injury rate of 50%. I suspect a lot of lifters are the same, if not worse, though I consider myself fairly "injury free".
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