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Default Acheiving Balance if your life.

So I have been thinking about this a little and came to realize that I have some (not much) balance in my life between work, training, wife, kids, and me(hobbies and what not). I am wondering how everyone else is doing with achieving balance and how you maintain it.

So I guess I will start....
I inspect boilers so I work out of my home. I can generally get the boys (6 and 8) on the bus go to work and be home to get them off the bus and do paperwork at home. I try and work out for about an hour at 1400 (for some reason the best time for me). I work out with no particular goal other than health and not be some bent old man when I am older. Other goals would be nice.

The boys have various activities during the week coming up this year. My wife (Darcy) works alot and gets home generally after dinner. Things are "OK" but I suspect they can be better. Also how do you make sure the significant other takes time for themselves? Darcy is not a by herself kind of person so I can't say "I have the kids, go have fun".

So when do you all work out? How long for warmups and does location change what you do ( Minnesota compared to Florida). How long are workouts? Does it seem like adequate time?

What do you do? Yes it is kind of personal I promise not to tell
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