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[Robb, we've talked about this multiple times. I think as an athlete, especially a highly motivated athlete working towards a goal, there is a certain unexplainable willingness to follow a coach's programming. I realize that training for health and fitness is something that needs to be adjusted carefully, shorter met cons, more focus on strength work, more recovery time.

But how should one prepare for "endurance" type training schools like SFAS, Ranger School, RIP, Q course, BUD/S, etc.? Is there a certain level of overtraining that would provide sort of a "hormesis" to protect the body during those courses? Is it even possible to avoid overtraining while going through such a course?

I know Poliquin has spoken about what he calls "super accumulation" where you overtrain purposely and then when you take time off your body over compensates and you supposedly gain more strength, endurance, etc than you could on a linear training plan, but I've never witnessed nor experienced that.[/QUOTE]

One trains in such a way as to make it TO the desired event (BUDS?) then COMPLETE it. Not end up sidelined due to injury and China-Syndrome type systemic failure. Chad, in your description above you described something like this: "Sept-November I did great! Then in December I blew up all of a sudden...WTF?"

Your Accumulation block never ended! Did you incrementally increase mileage and loading? In that accumulation block did you wave load that stimulus over the course of time or was it a balls to the wall emulation of 4-5 different websites of training?

Here is a nice real-world example: We started working with Glen Cordoza 4+ years go. We could not get Glen INTO the ring for almost a year because he shit the bed on recovery, did not sleep and would sneak in training when I told him to go home and rest. I finally kicked him out of the gym and only allowed him back with the understanding that if he did not do it 100% my way he was done. The bulk of his training was simply fight prep with power variants of the OL's, some gymnastics and a few odds and ends. When his sleep suffered to it was particularly hard to warm him up all he did that day was an EASY (2:00-2:10 500M pace) 2-5K row, foam roll mobility then go home. the result was not only did Glen show up for game day, he actually won! He generated some pretty impressive gym numbers (130kg PC+Jerk) 105kg PS) and a 435 Fight Gone Bad with PERFECT form. No 20% slop there!

When CrossFit first hit the BUDS community the O-course and PT scores improved. Medical outs decreased. That's a fact and no matter my feelings about the Despotic Turds who run that show it helps people when applied properly. But people were tackling things in a much different way than they are now. people are shitting the bed, and in an epic fashion. That's just on the task completion side of this, we are nto even talkign about the damage they are doing to their endocrine systems.
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