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Hey guys, thanks for the responses, I really appreciate you taking the time to discuss this with me.

Garrett, thanks for the study. I'm a stress ball by nature, so I guess I have the deck stacked against me in the first place. I can understand how a protocol like CF with its constantly changing stressors is probably only exacerbating the issue.

Robb, after we talked in March, I stopped training, took time off to recover, waited till I started sleeping normal again, and then when I resumed training I scaled everything way back. One long run or swim a week, kept metcons under 10 minutes, and changed my focus more towards steady PT like sets of pushups, situps, and pullups with rest between sets. I even stayed away from my usual pitfalls like multiple workouts per day. I'm not sure what constitutes as wave loading, but I tried to increase the reps or the distance just a little every other week.

I guess the thing that is bothering me and I can't seem to wrap my head around is that I never got back to full bore training after December. I developed the stress fracture in my tibia running a whopping 3 miles a week in March, took off till the last week of April, got the clear from the doc, and then a month later broke my foot running a grand total of 2 miles per week. I'm just, for lack of better phrasing, blown away at the very fact that I could get injured doing relatively little training. Could I have set my body back that far from the training Sept to Dec that I'm still not recovered this far out? Could I have broken down my bones and tissue to such a point as to have created long term damage?

What you've told me you've done with Glen is just one of the many reasons I'm dying to come out and train with you. CA needs to get their damned budget together so CSU can start accepting out of state grad students. I'm starting to think maybe I'm not capable of coaching myself. I can see it in the athletes I coach when they're starting to wear down, but I've developed a bad habit of blocking out what my body is telling me, and clearly it's not working in my favor. But I swear, I'm trying like hell to pull it all together. I know I'm failing, but it's not for lack of effort.
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