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Nicolas Warren
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Thu 19 Aug '10

Front Planks: 1:00 (WU), 1:00 w/ 10kg x3
Side Bends with a 24kg KB: 5x2 each side
Side Planks (getting used to the idea)
Glute Bridges
Stretching (hip flexors mainly)

Fri 20 Aug '10

BS: 65kgx5x3 (starting to feel the weight, calf feels fine)
Power Clean +Push Jerk: 40x3,50x3,60x2,65x2,70x2,75x2, singles 80,82.5,85,87.5,90 (went a bit deep on this one), 80x1x3
Hang Power Snatches (from knee) - 40x3x2,45x3,50x2,55x2,60x1x5
FPs: 1:00 w/ 15kg x2
PUs: 6,6,7
Stretching (focus hip flexors and hamstrings)

Need to work on Snatch Dead Lifts - Sunday...
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