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Originally Posted by Patrick Donnelly View Post
Wait, you mean I could be injuring nearly a third of my clients and still be considered a good trainer? Damn, I'm trying waaaaaay too hard then.
Well, it really depends on what's being counted. I just don't know. How many of your clients get a case of tendinitis or other minor dings related to chronic overuse every year? 1/3 might be a little high, depending on the sport and type of training. If you're training recreational runners, I do think 1/3 would be a good injury rate. Anything else, I just don't know. IME, as somebody who does strength training, one case of tendinitis or other minor injury every three years would be good, but that's just in my training, I don't have clients and I don't know how that looks as a rate to the rest of you, but I think it's not so bad.
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