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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
It's pretty hard to push yourself into significant detrimental effects from overtraining, but it seems like you could have done it.

MOst chronic overtrainers go to the gym for like 2-3 hours at a time.. maybe 6-7 days a week.

That's not as heavy a burden as you would get if you did multiple workouts a day though. It's much more taxing doing that because you can "refresh" then come back harder. Single sessions are quite self limiting to some extent.

In fact, that's pretty impressive that you could beat yourself way far down in <4 months like that. You must have had some preexisting conditions or likely a combo of multiple workouts a day plus some poor nutrition and/or poor sleep and overstressing from other stuff.

Seriously though you need to take off for like 4-5 months like I did.
Garrett is spot on with the CF. I had been following CF since 2007. And the first time I contacted Robb, it was because of my overly ambitious pursuit of CF. At that time, I was doing CF main page, CFE, and the SEAL fit WODs everyday. After talking to Robb, I took a month off, and when I came back, I PR'd on everything I did. My CFT went up something ridiculous like 200 pounds, and my o lifts jumped about 30 pounds each.

Recently though, I was following a program of 5 workouts per week, 2 days off, with a bias towards endurance with no strength specific workouts. The mistake I made though is that I threw myself into every workout at 100% effort and intensity. I'm talking balls to the wall maximum effort every time.

And when I talked to Robb in March, I understood that even if I was working out less time than I had previously, the 100% intensity all the time was just stupid. In my defense, I was trying to stand out for my performance against the other guys in the program, but that was dumb because look where it got me in the long term. So, when I tried to get back into training, I was going about 80% effort, keeping the workouts under 10 minutes, and one long endurance workout a week, and when I say long it's probably short by most standards, 2-3 mile run or 1000 to 2000 yard swim.

In any case, nutrition has consistently been tight. I don't like bread and pasta anyways, so it was easy for me to go full on Paleo. Sleep has always been an issue, but after in March I started actually scheduling "sleep time." I quite literally have a date with my bed. I've always had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, even as a child, but I now have a scheduled 9 hour block with no other interruptions to try and get the most sleep I can. Stress on the other hand.... is and probably always will be an issue. My job has been about as stressful as they come. I'm sure it didn't help things at all.

Steven, what did you do for 4-5 months? No workouts at all? Did you do any recuperative therapies or anything? I just started rehab for my foot, but as you know, PT isn't exactly demanding at most offices. Electrostim, wrap it in a hot towel, turn your ankle up and down for 5 minutes, put ice on it, and then they bill you. Supposedly we're going to work up to walking on the treadmill for a mile. I was thinking about taking my own approach though and trying some massage therapy and acupuncture.
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