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Originally Posted by Jonathan Silverman View Post
"It is also important to note research by Vredensky which has shown that maximum strength us produced for an optimum, not a maximum frequency of nerve firing. furthermore the optimal frequency changes with level of muscle fatigue."
pg 33.

"At maximal efforts, studies have shown only the necessary number of nerves will fire, not the total number of nerves that can fire. The number of nerves necessary to fire to produce a given movement will depend on how tired the muscles are."

That is, say you have 100 nerves that could fire to produce a given movement. But to produce your 1RM, you may not need 100, you may only need 70, so only 70 will fire (i.e. your body doesn't fire nerves it doesn't need to, i.e. your body is efficient). Furthermore, if your muscles are tired, than that number will change--fresh, you may only need 70, tired, you may need 50, 60, or 80 to produce the same maximal effort. I'm guessing Siff will go on to say whether the optimal number of nerves increases or decreases depending on muscle fatigue.

(I don't have Supertraining, so it's all conjecture on my part.)
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