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Interesting thought. I struggle but manage with the same sort of set up. I'm very blessed in that my wife and eldest daughter often train with me. Moreover, I'm a bit of an insomniac that goes weeks on end with a little more than 4 hours of sleep a night. Great for getting stuff done and my business partners, but it catches up with me every so often as I overeat and nearly sleep an entire weekend.

I'm a trial lawyer, so if it's on my schedule it gets done and I am very locked to my calender given my work, my daughters, and my hobby. I have a very understanding wife that picks up the slack when I'm in trial, but otherwise we do a very good job with the young ones.

I am somewhat blessed in that I do not require much sleep. I bill a lot of hours, and train as much as my body will let me. I normally start my weight sessions around 4:00 to 4:30 in the morning. It begins with foam rolling/self myofascial release, then goes to a yoga/tai chi/joint mobility session. Then I wake up the wife and go hit the iron; she doesn't require all the pre-workout stuff I do. I normally wrap up around 7 or before. During the school year, I tend to get two weekday workouts like this and a third during a lunch time at our local Y. During the summer, I train exclusively at home because of the kids and that's when my sport is in season.

I do my event work in the evenings on my off weight training days. If my schedule allows and I have a goal in mind, I may cut a work day a bit short and get home so I have more daylight. My eldest daughter has taken a serious liking to my sport and she olympic lifts as well. She normally lifts when I do my event work. Sometimes she axe throws or crosscut saws while I'm doing the same. It's really quite a fun bonding time. Throwing axes with your 13 year old daughter - who is actually starting to beat me now.

The quest for balance is difficult. But necessary. I never say "I've got the kids." It's best to just take them and go - just pose the statement as "The kids and I want to go to XXXXX, do you want to go with us?" At least I've found that works. That and pre-bedtime foot massages.

Good luck.

All the best, Arden
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