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A lot of good information here. Thanks, guys.

The muscles in my forearms seemed to be nearly recovered, but now my tricep is giving me issues. I'm not sure if that's something new, or if I simply didn't notice it before because the other pain was so bad, but triceps stretching and eccentrics definitely help. Curls/chins are still an aggravator though, even when just using a 45lb bar.

Shaf, for knots/cramps in the traps there's one exercise I really like. Basically, do some bench dips (with the feet elevated too), but at the top of each rep, keep pushing your hands down and back until your hips come up as high as they can, then hold it for a moment or two. Don't stick the hips up using the glutes - really focus on driving the hands back. A few sets of these (3x15 or so) seems to do good things for the traps and rear delts. Facepulls are also good and you can do them well enough with rings/TRX if you don't have a cable machine.

Steve, if I'm still broken when practice starts again, I'm going to be counting on you to fix me.
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