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You bring up a very interesting point Neal. I was under the impression that the idea that isolation movements are useless is just that, an idea, or theory, that has only been proven by the fact that CrossFit athletes have outperformed those who don't practice CrossFit (which isn't really proof at all). I personally don't have any proof of it at all, except that in my own experience I am much more "Fit" now doing CrossFit than I have ever been before, but my programming prior to this was rudimentary and ineffective. The theory made sense to me, and I was immediately on board, but I have never seen any data to back it up. I think I was so willing to accept an alternate truth because what I was doing previously was boring and wasn't producing the results that I had come to expect, plus I was only ever improving two parameters of fitness: cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength.
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