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Nicolas Warren
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Sun 22 Aug '10

HPCs: 40x3x2,50x3x2,60x2x2,70x2,80x2x4 (hard- no jerk blocks, and too heavy to catch comfortably, hence DL, HPC, DL, HPC as a 'double' for the 80s)
SnatchDLs: 100x3x3 (hard- mostly on grip, should probably get some straps)
PPs: 70x3x2 (hard)
FPs: 1:00 w/ 20kg x2
PUs: 5,6,8 (learnt to use my lats today on the pull-ups... 'activate' my lats is more accurate I guess; a bit of an ah-ha moment)

Right shoulder a little tweaked, but feels okay.
All sorts of knots in the legs- stretching and rolling.
Spent an hour in bed after this workout, contemplating the universe...

(Evening Workout)

AMBAP 2minx2 (rest as needed): 37,28

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