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Really like to see the snake tattoo on your bicep. I'm digging the significance behind it, although that would be right below getting a girl's name tattooed on your arm...which I have promised myself I would never do Get a chance tho, throw it up.

And mind you the double back shot was from a while ago before I discovered PM Menu and CrossFit. Besides, I figured an updated picture of me doing a handstand pushup would not work very well for purposes of showing off the tattoo

Originally Posted by Derek Simonds View Post
I have two animals. On my right arm above the bicep I have a stylized snake swallowing its own tail. It encircles my arm and I got it when my wife and I got engaged. A snake swallowing its own tail is symbolism for infinity, that being how long I plan on loving her. I plan on getting it redone and adding in our kids names and birthdays.

On the back of my right calf I have a Mako shark. At the time I got the Mako I was younger and much more aggressive. The Mako was a fit at the time.

I will try to find a camera here at work and upload some pictures.

BTW Nice Double Back Pose! They should have included your picture in the righteous pipes article.
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