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Frank Needham
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John, haven't tried to mix it with anything yet but I do intend to. The first thought I had was, hey, I'm gonna mix this with coffee. Decaff in my case though. I do know that it will break down readily because, you know, 100% is basically baking chocolate.

Garrett, how long have you been off coffee? To be honest, I don't even miss the stuff and I thought I'd be jonesing bad without it.

Something else I'd like to mention is that this whole thought process began with something I saw by chance in a picture post on Robb Wolf's FB page about Pralus le 100 bars: Couldn't find the actual link on his page any longer. I tried calling every chocolatier in Vegas looking for them but couldn't find them anywhere! So, I decided to try Whole Foods instead and found they have a whole range of chocolate products like nibs, cocoa nuts, bars, etc. No Pralus stuff though, too bad.
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