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Default Weightlifting Set - Eleiko - Werksan - others


To get a little bit of my background. I'm a novice lifter, living in Germany and i need a weightlifting set!

The pricing is a little bit different in Europe.

140kg set with china bar and china bumpers 1000$
We already have this and it's OK for CrossFit but i want little bit more bang for the bug! And i only want to buy one set! :-) Not every 5 years a new one!

To Import a 187kg WerkSan Training set from Turkey (not far away :-) ) would cost me approximatly 2600$ (including 600$ import Tax)

Eleiko 187kg Training Set 3500$ (but at least no import tax because i can buy it in germany). The more shocking thing is that the bar is only 900$ and the rest is for the black training bumpers! Too much for my wallet!

So my idea was to buy a eleiko training bar in europe and try to import the rogue colored disks for 1300$ (including transport and import tax) but only if they are available in kilo as well.

So i would get a set for 2200$!

Or would you rather go for the werksan set?

My last try is to get a used werksan set from the WWC in antalya.
Coach Burgener pointed me in this direction, that the most organizers sell the equipment after the competition. But the guys from Turkey do not respond to my e-mail! :-(

Or any other ideas?

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