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Still nomadic, although we'll at least be in temporary housing (stable) on Saturday! We'll also get to see Mom. Yay.

Training has basically fallen off the proverbial cliff. However, in the last week or two I have gotten in (1) a bit of KB'ing and (2) rehab hip stuff. Unfortunately, my whole left hip girdle has been very unhappy with me. Fortunately, it seems to be responding to some band work (4 direction hip movements), hip flexor stretching, IT stretching and rolling, etc. It's one of those things where you take a week off, it becomes two weeks off, things just get worse (from sitting, etc.). Finally, you get ticked off enough to do some "sissy rehab exercises" and, voila, you have some relief and progress. I did sneak about 5 days of hard-core ibuprofen and icing in with only minimal benefits. The ibuprofen felt good, but it didn't make any lasting dent. Anyway, on to more interesting things:

Today I did 3 rounds with KBs of:
2rh c+p, 2pu, 2lh c+p, 2pu; 3 same; 5 same; 8l c+p, 8r c+p.

rh means "right heavy": i.e., the right hand had my 24kg and my left hand had my 16kg. lh means "left heavy". You don't say! l and r mean left and right by themselves with the 24kg. The pulls ups were on a tree branch which meant three things: (1) uneven grip heights (I balanced them by flipping within the rounds), (2) bouncy bar (the limb shifts around a bit and I'm trying not to break it! parents would be a bit upset! um yes, we're staying at my folks), and (3) thick bar grip training - definitely have to false grip and squeeze, knots in the wood help a bit.

Not sure how long it took. About an hour. The end of the 2nd and all of the 3rd rounds also involved playing soccer and t-ball with my son (as active rest, of course!). He also want to do a few pushups. The last round: the 5 pull ups were broken (4+1 then 3+2); the 8 c+p were broken on the left side (7+1).

Doing some math, it looks like 2+3+5 = 10 ... x 2 = 20 ... x 3 = 60 pulls ups. And it should be 60 + (8 x 3) = 84 heavy c+p. And then 60 light c+p. A nice workout under a tree with some playtime thrown in.

I need to find some video of someone who knows what they are doing on a double KB c+p. I feel like I can't get my hips jackknifed quite enough with two bells. It feels like I end up too upright (more of the dreaded squaty KB movements).
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