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Nicolas Warren
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25 Wed Aug '10

Arms (curls, one-arm presses, front raises, flies- all light)
Core (FPs, SPs)
Glutes (Bridges (20x20,30kgx20))
Stretching (Hip Flexors, Hamstrings)

27 Fri Aug '10

PS: 20x5x2,30x3x2,40x3,50x2x2,60x2,65,67,5,70,72.5,75, 77.5(ugly), 80 (Full Depth- PB)
PC+PJ: 60x3,70x2,80,85,87.5,90,92.5,95,97.5,100, 102.5 (Full depth + PJ- PB on overhead)
FPs w/ 25kg: 60sx2
PUs: 5,5

No missed lifts. Felt tired, but nothing traumatic to the body. New oly total of 182.5 (not counting all the attempts)

Next week is unloading.
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