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Default Cracked Rib and Scapula Issue

Well just back from the doctor and unfortunately as I had thought I cracked a rib. Beauty of it there is nothing to do for it except ice and ibuprofen. I was hoping that the rib was out of place or something similar so that I wouldn't miss much mat time. I am guessing this is going to cut down on my actual rolling. I definitely still plan on going to class and doing the technical training I just will limit my grappling.

That sucked but while I was there I figured I would make the most of it and asked about a couple of other things. One of the issues is I have a slight curve in my spine between my scapula's. I showed the doctor and he went through a bunch of positional moves and one of the things he found was that when I stand straight he can put his hand under my left scapula and my right is flush with my rib cage. He told me that I might have a little scoliosis but you don't treat that as an adult. For the scapula he recommended that I load up on back work and he said really load up. He said your in great shape you just need to focus on your back. BTW he is a sports physician. I told him I already do PU's, deadlifts, BE's and bent over rows both BB and DB. He said I need to do more and he suggested adding in seated cable rows and really focusing on pulling the scapula's together.

For all the brainiacs here any suggestions for exercises or stretching? I am in the middle of the mass gain plan and don't want to change what I am doing so this would be in addition to not replacing. I really don't want to have to go to the YMCA to do cable rows, but I will if I have to. Let me know what you guys think.
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