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Ryan Secor
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Default Monday 08.30.10

Thanks to court in San Diego, I ended up working about 14 hours of OT today... and had about 5 hours of sleep last night. I was exhausted when I got home and simply wasn't feeling it today. It was really late before I got home and got started working out so I figured hitting my big lifts was better than nothing...


Mobility, Foam Roll, Complexes, etc

Front Squat
95# x 5
115# x 5
140# x 3
150# x 5
170# x 5
195# x 5+ - 7 (knees were loud and hurting...)

Bench Press
115# x 5
140# x 5
170# x 3
180# x 5
210# x 5
245# x 5+ - 6

Definitely more of a workout where nothing is really clicking or going right. One of my big lessons though this year has been to stop pursuing the perfect workout every workout... those "perfect" workouts (where you're on fire) aren't necessarily an everyday occurrence and it's the consistency that really matters.
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