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Default A Couple of Insulin Sensitivity Questions

I'm doing the whole paleo schtick, trying to work on my insulin sensitivity after spending most of the summer messing it up.

I usually only eat two meals per day. About 6 eggs and a piece of fruit or a couple of carrots or peppers in the morning (or noon, depending on how late I'm running in the morning). And then my other meal is some kind of meat, as much of it as I can eat, along with some veggies or a piece of fruit if I'm lazy.

I usually don't have the opportunity to eat until an hour, usually two, after my workouts and I'm thinking this might be affecting my gains. Strength gain (or at least maintenance) and insulin sensitivity being the main goal.

I'm wondering if this may be fucking up not just my performance but my insulin sensitivity as well. I've heard conflicting opinions on this, some saying that not eating for an hour after your workout is good for your insulin sensitivity, yet others like Robb Wolf (if I remember correctly) advocate that a good post-workout meal, including the bulk of your carbs for the day, is good for performance while not affecting your insulin sensitivity markedly.

Now, real foods are not an option right now post-workout and I'm staying away from dairy. But I'm wondering if I should consider getting some whey protein to take in after my workouts or if doing so would defeat the purpose of staying away from dairy or even increase my insulin resistance?

If I do go the whey route, should I go for just regular whey, or whey isolate, or what?
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