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Nicolas Warren
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Mon 30 Aug '10

Meant to do some very light work, but hurt the point where my left inner quad inserts into my knee doing unweighted barbell complexes... abandoned workout and just did foam rolling.

Wed 1 Sep '10

Lighter workout
4 sets of {BS:80x5 PUs:3}, resting as needed between sets. Squats were pause squats.
Snatch DLs: 60x5x2,80x3,100x3,110x3x2,120x3 (all above 60 with new straps)
Snatch Presses: 20x10x2,30x7x2,35x5
Snatch PPs: 40x5x3 (wrists felt fine after these)
FPs w/ 25kg: 60sx2
Side Bends: 10 each side w/ 15kg, 20kg.

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