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Hello Donald! Hope you are feeling better.
My name's Luis Ernesto Sarabia and I'm an ex-gymnast, professional acrobat and Personal Trainer. I'm very familiar with does symptoms you are it myself for years...forearms, elbows, shoulder. In my opinion and if you don't mind me are overdoing it a bit!
I find this article very interesting, so I forward it to you.

Hope this help and you get well soon.

Definition of Tendinitis
Tendinitis (also known as tendinitis) is an inflammation of a tendon (a band of fibrous tissue connecting muscle to bone) that causes pain, tenderness and occasionally, restricted movement of the muscle attached to the affected tendon.
Shoulder Tendinitis

There are three (3) types of shoulder tendinitis - rotator cuff tendinitis, calcified tendinitis and biceps tendinitis.

The rotator cuff consists of four muscles around the shoulder joint that help control the shoulder's position and keep it stable. With rotator cuff tendinitis the pain is located about three inches below the top of the shoulder and is felt when reaching overhead or behind the back. Rotator cuff tendinitis will usually resolve with rest, anti-inflammatory medications or an injection of cortisone and a local anesthetic into the area surrounding the tendon, as well as exercising using light weights.
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All the best.
Luis Sarabia
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